My Journey

About me

I love the whole world of CG but more specifically sculpting/modeling, texturing and lighting.

I’ve always loved drawing and computer science, making this part of my life.

Around the age of 22 I decided to merge Artistic point of view with Computer Science, definitely. I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for a while doing some commissions and finally, after my graduation in CG at BigRock School in Treviso in August 2022, I worked for various clients as 3D Artist. But hey, I want to learn more skills so wait for my personal projects.

My CG journey

All the CG production steps

and victory for the external customer

– Photo of my group’s victory during the BigRock master for the client “Titanus” in the realization of their Logo Animation

Job request?

I am open to new job offers and collaboration for various types of projects!

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(+39) 389 9690371